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The result of a great idea conceived more than 12 years ago…

We are just simply the result of our client's trust and the effort and synergy of our amazing team to make dreams happen!

Capable of closing the gap between reality and imagination and operating as a 360 degrees advertising agency, we strive to create strong relationships with our clients their brands and of course… their own clients!

For more than a decade we have been focusing all of our talents in designing and executing exquisite communicational solutions to take your company to the next step and promote your brand effectively internally and externally.

Our story is about Perseverance, Honesty and Vision…

August 5th 2004


And we made the big decision… Two talented graphic design university students, packed up with lots of dreams and idea, jumping down into the unknown waters of entrepreneurialism and creating a small creative studio in Bogota D.C. and offering branding, advertising, web design and last but not least lots of love to our clients inside each single project we have had the chance to work on…

June 2005

Our new cave

We were growing fast, and in less than a year our little 3 meter by 4 meter working space was too small for us, so we decided to move to a new office in the heart of the advertising industry area, our first "real office"…

April 2006


Growth brought along lots of changes, experiences of all kind, each one with invaluable lessons and also a wider portfolio of services, so we began working as a design boutique and offering other services such as video, motion graphics and photography

February 2007

Crossing the Atlantic

We love traveling and when our job gave us the opportunity to explore new horizons it was simply a dream come true. New projects came along out of our country, and new clients started to appear. The United States and Mexico were the first frontiers we crossed, and we were reallyenthusiastic about this. In fact, we still are.

October 2008

Hey, don't push!

Our team was growing fast, and we were working too close for comfort with our work mates, so we took the opportunity of a vacated tenancy next door and yes, it was time to tear down the walls, we doubled our space and finally we were able to breathe again.

July 2009

A whole new level

After 5 years in the market and more than 65 years of combined experience, it was time to play in a different league. We took the next step and started working as an advertising agency, not only producing in-house but managing media, advertising campaigns and a much complete portfolio of services, lots of opportunities began to appear… and yes we were ready!

April 2010

Showing up

There is always a first time for everything and to start promoting our services on a big event was scary and at the same time exciting, we showed up our talent in public and results were satisfactory… Pixel Group was staring to get noticed…

May 2011

Lights, camera and… action!

We learned then what was to live behind the curtains, production after production and endless nights without sleep, surrounded with cameras, studio lights and lots of coffee. Our new in-house production team taught us well, and we learned the real value of a power nap.

September 2012


That is the new trend on our client's vocabulary, "Let's go viral" to make this happen we created a whole department focused only on digital services, primarily a team of our most beloved geeks crazy for likes, hashtags, and retweets

January 2013

Down under

Since our humble beginnings we always had the dream of crossing frontiers permanently and create branches of our company all over the world, with a little play from destiny, lots of determination and hard work we established our first international advertising agency in Australia.Pixel Group | AU was a reality.

August 2014

The 'Milestone'

10 years won't seem like a lot, but for us they meant everything. A decade for us is the milestone where we step up to look back and feel proud of the efforts and results. From this point, we look forward and see a wider horizon full with opportunities and good things to come.

February 2017

Moving to higher grounds

After spending a little too long cramped up in a garage with our Australian team, we decided it was time to find a new abode. Thankfully, HFM welcomed us with open arms into their office in Perth CBD.

We understand that our success: depends directly on your success…

It is simple, we always deliver our promise!
We are faithful and loyal to our brands, but mostly to the good people behind them.
There is no room for improvising, we know what we do and we strive to do it better each time!
We enjoy what we do big time and it is for us a way of life instead of a job, this is the key to our success!

We understand that our job is not only to create advertising campaigns but exceed the limits of creativity,  the passion for our work gives us the focus necessary to establish successful relationships and communications channels between our clients, their brands, and their clients.

Our passion for design and for creation is all that we are, is what moves us to deliver fresh ideas, innovative concepts and excellent results, it is as simple as loving what we do and doing what we love.

Pixel Group Australia's purpose

We offer a 360˚advertising experience and deliver quality above all…

Logo Pixel Group Agency

Agency is where it all starts, we are able to transform the ideas of your marketing team into realities, closing the gap between creativity and reality and developing campaigns focused on creating memorable experiences for our clients and their clients; creativity is the main ingredient here, mixed with a wide experience in the field and a deep understanding of each situation, our team is capable of making your brand stand out and reach the top of heart and mind of your clients.

Logo Pixel Group Digital

The future is happening right now, companies are evolving faster than ever and the rules of the game change every day on a virtual environment, the mobile revolution has replaced daily activities for apps and the old directories have been replaced by search engines, long distance calls do not exist anymore and we area more likely to read from our smartphones each morning than to read the newspaper.

Is your business prepared for the digital era and aware of it latest trends?

Logo Pixel Group Video

We move your brand frame by frame, creating, adapting, upgrading or preparing your story to be told using the latest trend of video technology and techniques in 2D and 3D animation, video production, post production and visual effects and delighting your audience with top quality Video.

Offering a diverse range of video products and solutions, let us set the lights, cameras and let us take your brand to the next step… for a little bit of action!

 We love to make an impression and especially a good one,  to make this happen we are aware of the latest trends of the advertising industry and offer services and products that will take your brand to the next level…

Video Brochure logo

Did you know that the average lifetime of a capability statement or standard brochure is less than 1-minute average? This means that in a digital era, most of the money spent in printing advertising it is likely to end up in the trash bin.

BookClip, is a video brochure ideal for direct marketing, that will help  you reach your corporate clients in a professional way and make the first impression count, it is a revolutionary product able to get the most out of printed media and video as a tangible product that it is more likely to have a place on your client desk, not in his trash.

Blackboard logo

We live in an era where multimedia has the potential to captivate our minds and hearts and communicate more effectively than any other media message, it also has the power to influence positively in purchase and procurement decisions of products and services.

Blackboard is a system that provides direct information on-site regarding your company's products and services. It allows you to keep your customers and clients informed of the latest trends and news regarding your market, and it also combines the versatility of the LCD screen with killer motion graphics. We can ensure that your client's experience and understanding of your brand is maximised.

Pixel Beacon logo

Proximity marketing is perhaps the most important trend in the marketing these days. It allows you to offer your client real-time products and services planned from the proximity of your clients, your sales, your operations and distribution locations. This has an enormous potential and gives your brand the capability of offering better services, products, and useful information when your clients are nearby.

Beacons is a powerful tool to maximise the effect of your advertising by using mobile technology and the opportunity to have a client close to you informed of what is happening with your brand in real time and space.

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