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Unleash creativity, produce results…

Here at Pixel Group | Agency, we work hard every single day to really understand our client’s needs and produce an insight to be communicated through different channels, cohesive with our clients motto and marketing plan and focused on their business growth.  Agency is the place where our ideas are conceived, born and raised into advertising projects and memorable campaigns or projects…

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Providing a fully comprehensive service requires a lot more than just a complex portfolio…

Advertising strategy
Conceptualization and development of campaigns – ATL, BTL and digital for both traditional and non-traditional campaigns

Branding, naming and brand guidelines
Brand concept and creation, commercial naming, corporate identity.

Internal communication
Organisational internal communication strategies.

Loyalty campaigns

Concept and production of loyalty program campaign and strategies.

Advertising and media production
Concept, production and management of radio, film and TV spots.

Events and brand activation
 Concept, planning and strategy of brand activation and corporate events.

Social media strategies and management
Popular social media management and planing.

Event production
Concept, planing and management of commercial and corporate events.

Concept, planning design and execution of advertising tools and artwork for commercial, corporate or internal communication purposes.

Corporate artwork
Design of artwork to be used on your internal communications, training strategies and day to day messaging.

Professional Photography
Photography pre–production, production and post–production for Wedding, advertising, product, fashion, food, etc…

Ephemeral architecture
Concept, planing, design and production of commercial stands, fair stands and commercial spaces fittings.

Concept and design and production of packaging strategies and final product.

Editorial design

Concept,  layout design for digital and printed magazines, catalogues, newspapers, educational booklets, corporate newsletters, etc…