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Every single campaign is unique, however our formula always have 6 recurring steps…

1. Briefing and Research

Understanding your product and market is key, we understand and promote the importance of a good brief to spark the creative process, so briefing is the heart and must of every project and a roadmap for our team.

Research of the market provides us with the necessary tools to get an insight of the project and create an strategy aligned with the market necessities and trends.

2. Creative Meeting & brainstorming

We understand the value of teamwork, it help us to explore our talent and work together to achieve our mutual objective, our client success and satisfaction.

By joining the strengths and skills of our team we are able to achieve extraordinary results and collaborate to maximise the impact of each project.

3. Strategic Planning

Executing ideas and transforming them into tangible advertising is always a challenge, planning is indeed the major tool we have to connect our ideas with the real world and align them with our objectives order to deliver our promise.

4. Production

Time to express ourselves! This is the step where we have fun, using our team and suppliers' unique set of skills, we work together to produce the resources and organise all the pieces required to complete each project,  in small words, we make things happen!

5. Communication

Time to show up the result of our work, by presenting our work or making it public using any communication channel. We give life to our projects, measure the impact generated on the audience and get the necessary feedback to keep improving.

6. Re-Design

We understand that design and advertising is a game of repetition and emotions, by assisting you to achieve your goals through time we can reinvent ourselves and keep working with an active and cyclical pattern. In this phase we analyse results and start over the process to continuously improve and enlighten our clients audience.

Is your brand ready to take the next step and stand out from the crowd?

We acknowledge that advertising is not only about understanding and transforming the ideas of a marketing team but also used to bring ideas to life by transmitting emotions through creativity and smart brand connections!

Each image, sound, word or sentence associated to your brand needs to be planned and conceptualised to deliver the most out of your promise and get you connected to your client's hearts and minds.

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The world has changed and keeps changing at an accelerated rate,  the digital era is inevitably a way of life.

The digital era is inevitably a way of life, which means that having an active part on the web and being prepared today for future digital trends is a necessity if you want your business to continue doing business.

The convenience of the e-commerce, money saving and interaction are just the tip of the iceberg in a fast changing environment that has no limits and opportunities for you and your clients.

Lights, camera and action!

Are you looking forward to catching your customers eye and attention? Let us get this out of the way, video and effective marketing are inseparable.

At Pixel Group Australia, we move your brand one frame at the time with the latest video production, 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics, digital composition and visual effects techniques.

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Here is the result of our work over the last decade…

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