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If you’re mad about media and advertising, skilled on arts, sales and account management, deft on social networking, make an amazing coffee or have an outstanding and creative personality, we want you! Show us what you’ve got, express your interest to work with us and let us pick your brain for a while.

Have a look at the available vacancies below, if you think you measure up, can contribute to our growth and are eligible to work in Australia, we would love to hearing from you…


Join the crew and be another Pixel in our screen, if you think you have got the right attitude, knowledge, skills and determination to contribute to our brand and our clients success, get in touch with us.

We would be glad to work with you if you fill these requirements:

  1. Being 18 years old at least
  2. Have the eligibility to work in Australia
  3. Have a bachelor degree or relevant diploma or experience
  4. At least one year of experience on a relevant position
  5. Part-time or Full-time availability
  6. Excellent attitude and communicational skills


If you want to learn and develop your recently acquired abilities, there is a space for you at Pixel Group | Australia.

Check on the requisites to apply for a job with us:

  1. It's all about attitude, so make things happen
  2. Have the eligibility to work in Australia
  3. Being currently studying or finished a relevant course
  4. Have the availability of time to work up to 20 hr / week
  5. Have great interpersonal skills
  6. Check again on the first requirement

We do value talent, if you are a freelancer or a supplier that stands out from the crowd and can contribute with creativity, honesty, discipline, timing and passion, we would love to hear from you, send us your portfolio, product(s) description or services catalogue and we will be happy to get in touch.

Thanks for your interest in working with us!

We do value the time you have taken to contacting us, and although we want to get in touch with all the applicants sometimes we just cannot do this due to the huge amount of applications received,  this means only short listed applicants will be contacted.


Account Executive Senior

Client relationship manager

Creative Director

iOS & Android Developer


Account Executive Junior


Junior Graphic Designer

Junior Web Designer